Livesense’s Vision dares us to “Invent the next common.” This reflects that new ways of seeing and doing things are taking root in our world. It is a statement of our intent to develop services for these new ways. It also sets a standard to follow for developing new Livesense services that are better than anyone else’s.

Developing “the next common” services requires the ability to spot things that everyone wants but do not yet exist. We also have to work tirelessly to spread those services to make them into “the next common.”
For example, I started Jobsense, our affiliate marketing model HR site, as a student because I questioned the old ways. I knew there must be good part-time jobs close by, but could not find them from ordinary web sites. Also, because we are so committed to responding to customer needs, we do not outsource our work. Planning, marketing, design, system development, customer support and every other aspect of the services we provide are performed in-house. And we are set up so that each employee’s actions are thorough.

Our affiliate marketing model services started with our part-time employment information site. They now include sites focusing on career changes, temp jobs, home rentals and more. I am proud that as these services have grown, they have become “the next common.” But these are only our first “the next common.” There are still areas of life waiting for “the next common” to be invented. All of these, we believe, are within Livesense’s field of business.

We persist in our drive to invent “the next common.” We continue our endeavor to be the business more people and more of society depend on as essential.
Trust Livesense to build “the next common ” for tomorrow.

President and Representative Director
Taichi Murakami