Medium-Term Business Plan

Since its founding, Livesense has offered services based primarily on employment information media and rental real estate media using an affiliate marketing business model. This model benefits not only Livesense but also individuals and corporate customers who use our services. Thus the number of users, visits, and postings have increased steadily since we began offering service.

The employment and real estate business domains offer very large markets. However, Livesense’s share of these markets is still quite small and has room to grow. We will clearly differentiate our service from competitors and increase our brand recognition. In this manner, we will steadily expand our business scale. We will also increase market share by expanding existing services into closely related business fields.

Livesense will continue to develop services internally. We will practice appropriate investment, partnerships, and M&A targeting businesses that have future potential or synergy for Livesense. Also planned are development of B2B and smartphone services, overseas expansion, and the opening of other new fields.