Tell me about the history of livesense.
Taichi Murakami presented his business plan at a business plan contest held as part of the“Entrepreneur Training Course” held during his freshman year at Waseda University.
Murakami received an excellence award for his business plan, which would become the base for affiliate marketing model part-time employment information site “JOBSENSE”, currently operated by this company. Later, after experiencing internships at Daiwa Institute of Research Holdings, Ltd. and at an internet-related venture business, Murakami established Livesense in February 2006 (at the time, Murakami was age 19 and a university freshman).
What is the meaning of the company name livesense?
The name Livesense is based on the words live and sense.
Please see this page concerning the philosophy behind the company name and our management philosophy.
Tell me about the business of livesense?
Livesense manages internet media primarily in the HR information and real estate fields. Click here for details.
There are many websites publishing the same kind of content in the job information and the real estate information, what is the difference between livesense's websites and them?
Sites operated by Livesense are unique for being based on an “affiliate marketing (Success fee)” business model. There are no up-front fees for placing ads on our employment or real estate advertising services. A success fee is charged only when the advertiser gets results, such as hiring an employee or getting an inquiry on a property. Also, a portion of success fees are returned in the form of monetary gifts or cash back for users who are successful with hiring or a tenant agreement.
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What benefits does the “affiliate marketing model” provide the company listing information?
Typical fee-based advertising sites require payment of fees simply for publishing an advertisement regardless of whether or not that listing results in success in the form of employee hiring or real estate inquiries. As such, there is a risk to the company that expenses paid will be wasted. However, with the “affiliate marketing model,” there is no risk of wasted expenses, meaning that a company can publish more listings until it gets results. Also, Livesense has developed a highly efficient business operations system that does not rely on the number of its sales force by taking advantage of the ability to draw in users in the sites we operate.
The savings we achieve in sales costs are reflected in our moderate-fee plan, allowing us to provide a service with significant merits for our corporate customers.
With the “affiliate marketing model,” what merits are there for the users who use the site?
The Livesense framework is one whereby since site allows business customers to list information based on a low-risk, low-price model, it is easier to get more information listed on the site. As such, users are able to select employment or real estate information based on their own needs from a larger pool of information.
Furthermore, we provide "job placement monetary gifts" and "cash back" to users who use Livesense sites to respond to employment information or search for real estate, etc., and decide on employment or housing offered by our business customers.
What are the strengths of livesense?
In addition to our unique business model, the “affiliate marketing model,” Livesense has strengths in service development.
Livesense conducts all service-related processes in-house, from service planning to site design, system development, and customer support. We constantly consider the perspective of the user to ascertain their needs, maintain a dedication to the smallest specification details, and through trial and error create each service from scratch.
This internalized production leads to the accumulation of service development know-how and has allowed us to create a system for creating new services with efficiency and speed.
Tell me about future business expansion.
Livesense strives to medium and long-term corporate growth by expanding of existing businesses and also starting up new businesses.
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