When is your accounting period?
Financial accounting is conducted in December.
Tell me about past performance trends.
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When will you next announce financial results?
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Are there seasonal trends with sales?
Seasonal trends for Livesense sales vary depending on the segment.
With the HR information media business, we tend to see a slight increase in HR information listings and users during the periods from March through May and September through October when generally there is more activity in terms of personnel movements.
With our real estate information media business, there is a trend towards increases in both real estate listing and the number of users between January and March when is typically considered moving season.
Do you have bank loans and other interest-bearing liabilities?
Since our founding, we have taken on no bank loans or other interest-bearing liabilities.
On which indexes does management focus most?
Livesense strives to build a highly efficient business operations system and rapidly improve quality for existing services and develop new services. As such, management will continue to expand the scope of business in a way that focuses not only sales growth but also employee per capita operating income.