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My questioning of the meaning of life, which formed the basis for the name of the company, goes back to a memory from my childhood. When I was in kindergarten, my great-grandmother passed away, and at the funeral, I asked my mother, “Do people die on their birthdays?” My great-grandmother had just happened to pass away on her birthday. Looking back, that was a strange idea, but I believe that at the time, I was trying to work out what the laws of death were the best I could. The simple question of “When do people die, and what happens after People die?” naturally led to the question of “What is the meaning of life?”

Of course, I wasn’t thinking about the meaning of life at all times, but one day it suddenly occurred to me that everyone is constantly making choices as they live their lives. Choices about what to do or not to do. My thought was that to live is to continually make choices from moment to moment in pursuit of our own happiness.

What is happiness? When I thought about the moments that I personally felt happiness, it was always when I made someone else smile. I want to make more people happy and maximize the sum of happiness in society. When that thought came to me, I decided that impacting the world through business would be the best step for me to take, in part because both of my grandfathers, who were people I respected, were business managers.

That desire has remained unchanged, and at the age of 19, I founded this business based on ideas that came to me when I was in high school. The Livesense of today is the result of repeated trial and error since that time. The level of contribution to society is still smaller than I had originally intended, and that sometimes frustrates me, but it also makes me want to further grow the business and feel strongly that there is demand for it.

“These times in which we live are a time when technology can bring about great change. There are opportunities to fundamentally change things work. I hope to continue taking up the challenge to correct the imbalances in society for maximizing happiness.”

President, Representative Director and Executive Officer

Taichi Murakami