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Top Message

The company name “Livesense” is derived from the words “live” and “sense.” Why do people live? In my view, living means making daily choices in pursuit of one’s own idea of happiness. Looking back at happy memories in my past, the times I have personally felt happy have always been when I made someone else smile. I want to make more people happy and amplify happiness in society. This desire is what led me to found Livesense in 2006. Since then, our philosophy has been “Happiness Begetting Happiness,” driving the development of businesses that support choices in people’s lives.

The spread of smartphones and social media and technological advancements have led to an abundance of data and information. Concurrently, optimization and automation facilitated by algorithms and systems are advancing. Yet, the question remains: do these changes genuinely contribute to people's happiness? The Internet has sparked a revolutionary change that will go down in history, empowering individuals and enabling more unrestricted access to information. However, to truly enhance well-being, I contend that further evolution is required in how we handle and implement it.

We will use the leverage provided by technology to create socially influential businesses while we continue to think about human happiness and its ideal state. Guided by our philosophy of “Happiness Begetting Happiness,” we will move society one step forward to help increase people’s happiness. Our commitment is to work tirelessly toward the realization of such a future.

President, Representative Director and Executive Officer

Taichi Murakami