Our CSR activities resonant with the Livesense identity

For us, CSR activities are not special but ordinary. That’s because the challenges that exist in society are the source of our business ideas, and We believe that business is the most effective system for engaging in ongoing activities aimed at solving those challenges. At the same time, there are many challenges observed in reality that are serious but of such a nature that establishment as a market would be difficult. As we look to fulfill our corporate social responsibility, we will actively engage in activities emphasizing the Livesense identity, including our corporate roots as a student-founded company, synergy with our business domains and contribution to the local communities in which our offices are located.

President, Representative Director and Executive Officer
Taichi Murakami

Next Innovator

When Livesense was founded in 2006, we received great encouragement from the Waseda University business contest and subsequent support. It is both a duty and an honor to pass on the kindness we received from society to the next generation.
As a company, led by our representative, Murakami himself, we participate in business contests and student events for aspiring entrepreneurs, providing various support to those who will become the innovators of the next generation. It is our hope that this positive cycle that has been handed down will help to revitalize business in Japan.

Local Community

We are engaged in activities utilizing IT, which is the foundation of our business, in Tokyo where our headquarters is located and Miyazaki where our regional branch office is located. Utilizing our business assets, we attempt to contribute in a multifaceted way to a society with a lively Internet community that is capable of functioning healthily.


Our employees have assembled under a philosophy of “Happiness Begetting Happiness” and a vision of “Invent the next common.” We aim to create a workplace where each of them can develop their talents and maintain a high level of motivation as they work. This includes a human resources system that encourages our employees to take up new challenges, a work shift system that is suited to the employee’s stage of life and a structure for continually innovating them. As a company that pursues human happiness, we will continue to consider our own happiness and that of our future colleagues.