Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

To us, the meaning of life is to
pursue essential human happiness
and solve society’s problems.

The name of our company is a combination of the words “live” and “sense.” Everyone seeks happiness in their lives. Continuing education, changing jobs, getting married, moving, deciding what to wear and what to eat... From turning points in our lives to daily preferences, every choice we make is to get closer to our own picture of happiness.

But on what basis are we seeking happiness today? With a few taps on a smartphone, information comes at us like a tsunami, but it’s hard to identify the biases and falsehoods of excessive capitalism, so our choices are always accompanied by doubts.

Take, for example, new working members of society who are full of expectations. The fact that around 30% of them have resigned within three years is one indicator of the asymmetry of information in the employment market and mismatching of new grads and companies in the life event of finding employment. We consider that mismatching that impacts people’s lives as a social problem and are working to solve it. That is meaning of life for Livesense.

  • Philosophy Happiness Begetting Happiness

    People feel the greatest happiness when they have been able to make someone else happy. That is what we consider the ideal of fundamental human happiness, and it is important values of ours. Our aim is to find our own happiness by making our customers happy through our business. That desire is embodied in our motto of “Happiness Begetting Happiness.”

  • Vision Invent the next common.

    The starting point for our business is the question found in social problems and daily lives. Identifying the true nature of issues, we leverage our technology to come up with solutions, questioning ordinary thinking and arrangements where everyone has just accepted the situation. Establishing the next common is the vision we aspire to in our business.

Corporate Identity

Our corporate logo expresses our intention to develop new services from new ideas that will become entrenched as “the next common.”, steadily and thoroughly permeating society.

  • [Imagination] Question ordinary thinking, and constantly ask yourself questions.

    When our logo is turned upside down, it becomes a question mark. It expresses our approach of questioning ordinary thinking and identifying the true nature of issues to come up with the next common.

  • [Dedication] Falling drips carve out the rock

    If drops of rain continue falling on a rock for years and years, eventually they will carve it out. The falling drips of the ancient proverb express Livesense’s daily and thorough efforts to permeate society with “the next common” and even change the way the world exists.