Board Members

Board Members

  • Taichi Murakami

    President and Representative Director

    Taichi Murakami

    Born in 1986
    February 2006
    Founding President and Representative Director, Livesense (present post)
    January 2018
    Director, PHIL LIFE Inc. (present post)
    January 2018
    Director, LIVESENSE CONNECT Inc. (present post)
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  • Motoi Nakazato


    Motoi Nakazato

    Born in 1975
    April 2001
    Joined PricewaterhouseCoopers Consultants Co., Ltd (now IBM Japan)
    August 2003
    Joined Mercer Human Resource Consulting Ltd. (now Mercer Japan Ltd.)
    May 2006
    Joined Corporate Directions, Inc.
    April 2010
    Joined Enterprise Turnaround Initiative Corporation of Japan.
    March 2011
    Director, Aizu Bus Co., Ltd.
    (Dispatched from Enterprise Turnaround Initiative Corporation of Japan)
    August 2014
    Joined Livesense
    January 2015
    Manager of Corporate Planning Dept., Livesense
    April 2016
    Manager of Corporate Development Dept., Livesense (present post)
    March 2017
    Director, Livesense (present post)
    Director, waja Co., Ltd. (present post)
  • Hiroyuki Honda

    Outside Director

    Hiroyuki Honda

    Born in 1960
    April 1984
    Joined Recruit Co., Ltd. (now Recruit Holdings, Co., Ltd.)
    April 2000
    Executive Officer in Charge of Next-Generation Business Development, Recruit Co., Ltd.
    April 2005
    Managing Corporate Executive Officer, Recruit Co., Ltd. Director, 51job, Inc.
    April 2008
    Senior Managing Corporate Executive Officer, Recruit Co., Ltd.
    June 2012
    Corporate Advisor, Recruit Co., Ltd.
    April 2013
    Corporate Advisor, Alt Plus Inc.
    July 2013
    Director, Alt Plus Inc.
    Director, Geniee, Inc.
    March 2014
    Director, Livesense (present post)
    October 2014
    Director, Double Standard Inc. (present post)
  • Keizo Tannawa

    Outside Director

    Keizo Tannawa

    Born in 1952
    April 1978
    Joined Nippon Kokan Ltd. (now JFE Holdings, Inc.)
    July 1987
    Joined Tokyo Office of McKinsey & Company
    July 1997
    President and Representative Director, Towers Watson K.K.
    February 2007
    Director, KITO Corporation (present post)
    June 2007
    Corporate Auditor, INVAST Securities Co., Ltd.
    June 2010
    Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member, Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd. (present post)
    March 2014
    Statutory Auditor, ZMP Inc. (present post)
    September 2014
    Vice Chairman and Representative Director, WWF Japan (present post)
    June 2015
    Director, INVAST Securities Co., Ltd. (present post)
    March 2016
    Director, Tsubaki Nakashima Co., Ltd. (present post)
    March 2017
    Director, Livesense (present post)
  • Jun Ikeda

    Outside Director

    Jun Ikeda

    Born in 1976
    April 2000
    Joined Sumitomo Corporation
    October 2001
    Joined Hakuhodo Inc.
    September 2005
    President and Representative Director, PlusJ
    January 2007
    Joined DeNA Co., Ltd.
    April 2009
    Executive Officer and Manager of Marketing Communication Office, DeNA Co., Ltd.
    April 2010
    President and Representative Director, Everystar Co., Ltd.
    December 2011
    President and Representative Director, YOKOHAMA DeNA BAYSTARS BASEBALL CLUB, INC.
    June 2016
    Director, OOTOYA Holdings Co., Ltd. (present post)
    November 2016
    President and Representative Director, Weekend-J Inc.(present post)
    December 2016
    Co-opted Member, Executive Committee of Japan Professional Football League
    March 2017
    Director, Livesense (present post)
  • Junichi Ehara

    Full-Time Statutory Auditor

    Junichi Ehara

    Born in 1965
    April 1985
    Joined Asakuma Co., Ltd.
    March 1991
    Joined Yakou Konin Accounting Office
    September 1994
    Joined Nagai Kosho Co., Ltd.
    March 1997
    Joined Kabuki Printing Co., Ltd.
    February 2006
    Joined Sunfinity Inc.
    September 2008
    Joined Livesense
    May 2010
    Statutory Auditor, Livesense (present post)
    September 2013
    Auditor, CrowdWorks Inc. (present post)
  • Mitsuru Ozaki

    Outside Statutory Auditor

    Mitsuru Ozaki

    Born in 1964
    October 1989
    Joined KPMG Peat Marwick (now KPMG AZSA LLC)
    September 1993
    Registered as certified public accountant
    October 1993
    Joined Nakajima Konin Accounting and Tax Office
    November 1997
    Founding Representative Director, Activate Japan Consulting (present post)
    April 1998
    Founding Director, Ozaki Konin Accounting Office (present post)
    Joined Kyoritsu Audit Corporation
    June 2008
    Representative Partner, Activate Japan Accounting Office (present post)
    July 2009
    Auditor, Livesense (present post)
  • Nao Yoshizawa

    Outside Statutory Auditor

    Nao Yoshizawa

    Born in 1975
    October 2002
    Joined Asahi & Koma Law Office (now Nishimura & Asahi Law Office)
    October 2002
    Registered as attorney
    February 2011
    Registered as patent attorney
    July 2012
    Founding Vice President, Uruma Law Offices Legal Professional Corporation (present post)
    June 2013
    Auditor, ESCRIT INC. (present post)
    Auditor, Geniee, Inc. (present post)
    March 2015
    Auditor, Livesense (present post)
  • Executive Officer

    Taichi Endo

  • Executive Officer

    Satoko Takaku

  • Executive Officer

    Takuya Tanimura

  • VP of Engineering

    Tokiharu Noto