Board Members

Board Members

  • Taichi Murakami

    President, Representative Director and Executive Officer

    Taichi Murakami

    Born in 1986
    February 2006
    Founding President and Representative Director, Livesense (present post)
    January 2018
    Director, PHIL LIFE Inc. (present post)
    January 2021
    Executive Officer, Livesense (present post)
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  • Daisuke Katsura

    Director and Executive Officer

    Daisuke Katsura

    Born in 1985
    February 2006
    Founding Director, Livesense
    June 2019
    Executive Officer, Shirasu LLC
    August 2019
    Representative Director, New Gift Theory, General Incorporated Association (present post)
    January 2022
    Executive Officer, Livesense (present post)
    March 2022
    Director, Livesense (present post)
    July 2022
    Co-President and CTO, Shirasu LLC (present post)
  • Keizo Tannawa

    Outside Director

    Keizo Tannawa

    Born in 1952
    April 1978
    Joined Nippon Kokan Ltd. (now JFE Holdings, Inc.)
    July 1987
    Joined Tokyo Office of McKinsey & Company
    July 1997
    President and Representative Director, Towers Watson K.K.
    February 2007
    Outside Director, KITO Corporation
    June 2007
    Outside Auditor, INVAST Securities Co., Ltd.
    June 2010
    Outside Auditor, Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd.
    March 2014
    Outside Auditor, ZMP Inc. (present post)
    September 2014
    Vice Chairman and Representative Director, WWF Japan (present post)
    June 2015
    Outside Director, INVAST Securities Co., Ltd.
    March 2016
    Outside Director, Tsubaki Nakashima Co., Ltd. (present post)
    March 2017
    Outside Director, Livesense (present post)
    February 2019
    Outside Director of COCON Co., Ltd. (currently GMO Cyber ​​Security by Ierae Co., Ltd.)
    October 2020
    Outside Director of Invast Co.,Ltd. (present post)
  • Outside Director

    Shinichiro Yasukawa

    Born in 1968
    April 1991
    Joined McKinsey & Company
    April 1999
    Joined Softbank Corp. (now SoftBank Group Corp.)
    February 2000
    Co-founding Director of IP Revolution, Inc.(now SoftBank Corp.)
    January 2003
    Joined SoftBank BB Corp. (now SoftBank Corp.)
    April 2005
    Joined JAPAN TELECOM CO., LTD. (now SoftBank Corp.)
    April 2006
    Executive Officer of JAPAN TELECOM CO., LTD. (now Softbank Corp.)
    April 2006
    President and Representative Director of IP Revolution, Inc.
    April 2007
    Executive Officer of SoftBank Telecom Corp. (now SoftBank Corp.)
    October 2008
    Executive Officer of SoftBank Mobile Corp. (now SoftBank Corp.)
    April 2013
    Joined SMS CO., LTD.
    January 2016
    Founder and CEO of Great Journey GK (present post)
    May 2016
    Special Advisor to Osaka City and Prefecture
    September 2016
    Advisor to Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Special Advisor to Government Reform Headquarters
    April 2017
    Outside Auditor, enish Co., Ltd.
    May 2019
    Co-founder and Special Counselor,Wellbeing for planet earth Foundation (present post)
    May 2019
    Executive Advisor to the Government CIO at Cabinet Secretariat, IT Comprehensive Strategy Office
    March 2020
    Outside Director, Livesense (present post)
    March 2022
    Outside Director, enish Co., Ltd. (present post)
    February 2023
    Special Appointment Researcher,Institute for Future Initiatives,The University of Tokyo (present post)
  • Outside Director

    Kana Kawaguchi

    Born in 1991
    April 2010
    Established Homedoor, a non-profit organization, and became Chairman of the Board (present post)
    April 2016
    Director, Toy Box, a non-profit organization (present post)
    March 2023
    Outside Director, Livesense (present post)
  • Junichi Ehara

    Full-Time Statutory Auditor

    Junichi Ehara

    Born in 1965
    April 1985
    Joined Asakuma Co., Ltd.
    March 1991
    Joined Yakou Konin Accounting Office
    September 1994
    Joined Nagai Kosho Co., Ltd.
    March 1997
    Joined Kabuki Printing Co., Ltd.
    February 2006
    Joined Sunfinity Inc.
    September 2008
    Joined Livesense
    May 2010
    Statutory Auditor, Livesense (present post)
    September 2013
    Outside Auditor, CrowdWorks Inc. (present post)
    March 2018
    Outside Auditor, Slogan, Inc. (present post)
  • Mitsuru Ozaki

    Outside Statutory Auditor

    Mitsuru Ozaki

    Born in 1964
    October 1989
    Joined KPMG Peat Marwick (now AZSA LLC)
    September 1993
    Registered as certified public accountant
    October 1993
    Joined Nakajima Konin Accounting and Tax Office
    November 1997
    Founding Representative Director, Activate Japan Consulting (present post)
    April 1998
    Founding Director, Ozaki Konin Accounting Office (now Activate Japan Certified Public Accountants Joint Office) (present post) Joined Kyoritsu Audit Corporation (now Kyoritsu Shinmei Audit Corporation)
    June 2008
    Representative Partner, Activate Japan Accounting Office (present post)
    September 2008
    Outside Auditor, Image Magic Co., Ltd
    July 2009
    Outside Auditor, Livesense (present post)
    June 2016
    Outside Auditor, GA technologies Co.Ltd
    December 2016
    Outside Auditor, Last One Mile Inc.Ltd(present post)
    January 2020
    Director, Activate Japan Administrative Scrivener Office (present post)
    July 2021
    Director as a member of the Audit Committee, Image Magic Co., Ltd (present post)
    November 2023
    Director as a member of the Audit Committee, Last One Mile Inc.Ltd(present post)
  • Noriyuki Katayama

    Outside Statutory Auditor

    Noriyuki Katayama

    Born in 1964
    April 1990
    Registered as an attorney at law Joined Nagashima and Ohno (now Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu)
    August 1996
    Registered as an attorney at law in New York, USA
    August 1996
    Joined Tokyo City Law & Tax Partners
    February 2003
    Joined City-Yuwa Partners (present post)
    October 2004
    Auditor of Deutsche Asset Management (Japan) Limited (present post)
    June 2013
    Supervisory Director of SIA REIT, Inc. (now One REIT, Inc.)
    March 2014
    Deputy Auditor of the Company
    June 2014
    Outside Auditor of Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd. (present post)
    January 2015
    Auditor of the Company (retired in March 2015)
    August 2017
    Supervisory Director of Heiwa Real Estate REIT, Inc. (present post)
    April 2018
    Director as a member of the Audit Committee of Nippon Denkai Kogyo K.K. (present post)
    March 2019
    Outside Auditor, Livesense (present post)
    May 2021
    Outside Auditor, AIDA ENGINEERING. (present post)
    June 2022
    Director as a member of the Audit Committee, Create Restaurants Holdings Co. (present post)
  • Executive Officer

    Takumi Kusumoto

  • Executive Officer

    Kohei Takahashi