Our Business

People are constantly making choices. We hope to support better choices through technology and correct the imbalances in society.

  • Inventing “the next common” for the times

    When we choose a business domain, we focus on whether it will have a significant impact on society and whether it can become “the next common”. We will take up a wide range of challenges with boldness in the aim of providing the solutions that society requires, starting with domains related to work and home, which engage take up a significant portion of people’s lives and are accompanied by major decisions.

  • Human Resources

    Working is both a means to earn a living and to connect the individual to society as an important pipline. However, the human resources domain is waiting for solutions to various challenges, including the diversification of working styles accompanying changes in the structure of society and mismatches arising from the asymmetry of information.
    Livesense will continue to seek “the next common” from a fresh perspective as we have with “Tenshoku Kaigi”, which aim to bring transparency to company information and increase the accuracy of matching with reviews, “Tenshoku Draft”, a competitive bidding-type career service, and “Machbaito”, which propose the optimal job from more postings based on an affiliate marketing model.

  • Real Estate

    Real estate is the biggest purchase that people make in their lives. Despite the fact that it requires the most careful decision-making, the information provided to consumers is not sufficient.
    For example, what if you wanted to find out the fair price of a condominium based on overall market trends? Or what about other information like ground safety, disaster risk and school zone? This simple information used to be difficult to provide due to technical limitations and industry characteristics, but Livesense leverages IT to provide a solution for this needs.