Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Converting data that more closely reflects the real world into service value

Today, with advances in IT-related technologies, everyone is looking to create value out of big data. However, those efforts mainly consist of access analysis using online behavior logs that make data collection and accumulation easily. Since 2013, Livesense has also focused on building our own database that records user behavior on our websites, and this has yielded a certain level of results. Still, when it comes to the experience of using a service, online behavior is just the tip of the iceberg in people’s lives. People actually live in the real world, not the online world. To increase the intrinsic value of a service, it is essential to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the user that does not interrupt continuity between the online and real worlds. It is not simply a matter of the volume of data but what kind of data you will obtain and what kind of value that data will be changed into. We call these efforts that look ahead to a new stage of data utilization “Real Data Engineering.”

Real Data Engineering

What is Real Data Engineering?

What is Real Data Engineering? The “real” in real data means that it is not limited to data available online. We will focus on things like user experience outside the website, which we have yet to fully utilize, and the collection and analysis of data that isn’t even available online. For example, in addition to online access logs, click data and the like, data such as actual applicant hiring results and the reasons for those results, satisfaction with the place of employment and the number of years people stay after being hired can surely be used to improve recruiting information services. It is precisely because of our affiliate marketing model that follows up with hiring after the advertising is placed that we are able to approach both the recruiting company and the job applicant afterward. We seek to provide the services that users really need based on real data.

Our Technology

Our original data collection・analysys・machine learning platforms

At Livesense, we have established a specialized division to utilize data and improve technological skills in the date technology domain. Moreover, we leverage these technologies to develop a platform for rolling it out into each service.

Data collection and analysis platform Livesense Analytics and machine learning platform Livesense Brain are our proprietary company-wide shared platforms. We aim to improve user experience and media value quickly and continuously utilizing these platforms.

  • Livesense Analytics (LA)

    LA is our proprietary platform for data collection and analysis. By consolidating, sorting and centrally managing user service registration information and data from external analysis tools in addition to online access logs, we are able to gain an accurate understanding of user characteristics and the characteristics of their behavior on the website.

  • Livesense Brain (LB)

    LB is our platform for executing processes based on machine learning. We are working to accelerate introduction of machine learning in each service and enhance functionality by standardizing machine learning-related infrastructure and algorithms.